scv trixie!


Gonna give this print I drew to a girl from #makeawish foundation. Her fave character is discord c:


You’re a star and you should know it

Yeah you rise above the rest

I hope Adagio’s wings and crown like haircessory imply she’s a changeling esque monster.


I still plan on finishing the color pallet requests I was sent in time. Here’s Discord with pallet #5 for anon!



So Hasbro updated their dumb EqGirls site with like biographies of the characters. I’m laughing so much because of Trixie’s has these weird posed photos on hers. And it just gives off the vibe that she didn’t have any friends or band members and just awkwardly photoshopped two random girls in matching outfits into the background so she could point and be like, See I have a band! And it’s amazing!




Look how much fun we’re having together!

I wholeheartedly support the idea that Trixie is a lonely clownboat and just paid two random girls to pretend to be her friends / made two lifesize card board cut outs.

Either one is hilarious because it either means these girls are so un-enthusiastic about having to hang out with Trixie that they just stand looking uncomfortable or it means that Trixie put so little forethought into her cardboard friends that she didn’t consider the fact she was building them to look incredibly bored and lifeless


My take on Lightning Dust.